Who's The Crew?

Who's the Crew? Meet Gabe!

Gabe describes his position quite humbly,

"I am one of the owners and I have been cleaning windows for 20 years."

When asked what his favorite part of the job is, he said,

"I enjoy both the challenge of getting windows to look their best as well as the art of customer service. I recognize that you can't have a successful business unless those two skills are intertwined."

He also shared a little about where he is and what he dose on his off time,

"As far as restaurants are concerned," he said, "I enjoy Sushi Garden, Mod Pizzeria , and Rollies Mexican Patio. For hobbies, I am a runner and love getting lost in the "zone" when you are out in the middle of nowhere trying to beat your previous pace. And I can't think of any better source of relaxation than spending time with my wife and daughter."

He also has this funny story to share about one time on the job,

"One time I was cleaning the glass over a stove for a Chinese restaurant. One of the workers came in and didn't see me crouched on top of the stove and turned on the burner. No, I don't know how it was possible that he didn't see me. Let's just say some buns were toasted that day."

And of course 20 years in the business, Gabe has learned a few things. But the most important he thought to share,

"I've learned that If you strive after money, you will always feel unsatisfied, like you're striving after the wind. But if you put people first and strive to build relationships, not only will you feel satisfied in your work, but the financial stuff will work out, too."

Who's the Crew? Meet Belen!

When asked the describe her position,

"I schedule appointments for our amazing customers!" she said

"I've been answering the phones for about 2 years, now. But, I used to clean windows with Gabe."

According to her, the customers are one of the best parts of the job. As she said,

"It is such a pleasure conversing with our customers. I have extensive background in customer service and I specifically spent a lot of time on the phone; but there is a special pride when one is working for their own customers."

She also shared a few of her interests outside of work, which according to her included,

"Being with Gabe and our daughter. We do volunteer Bible education and this is something that has brought us a lot of joy."

"I really love an Artisan cappuccino, when I get the chance." she also shared, ⠀

"Two of my favorite spots are, Presta Coffee Roasters at the San Augustin Mercado, and Maynards Market & Kitchen which is next to the Amtrak train station."

She also shared an experience from back when she was cleaning windows herself,

"Once when I was cleaning these really high windows at a restaurant, I heard a thump against the glass. Then I saw a beautifully colored little bird, passed out on the concrete. I got to hold it in my hands and pet it until it felt better and flew away. (That's how clean we get the windows!)"

We also asked what's something she learned since working for Gabe's Spotless Window Cleaning. She responded,⠀

"If you enjoy your job, your customers can tell. So take pride in your work, and your customers will be happy."
Gabe's Thoughts:

Belen does WAY more than just answer phones. She is half owner of the business, and as such she is my most trusted advisor. I would not dare make an important business decision without her input. She helps me see the big picture when I get stuck in the minutiae of all the details. I couldn't do any of this without her. Thanks for all you do, Purdy!

Whose the Crew? Meet Zori!

She started working for GSWC as a Receptionist/Scheduler and she currently works as our Sales Manager. She has been working for Gabe since 2017.
We asked what she liked most about her job,

"The good ambiance," she said,

"I love the flexibility and the positive work environment."

As far as what she enjoys outside of work, she says, "I enjoy sewing, trying new recipes, walking, and going for bike rides with my husband."

"I really enjoy being home, watching a good movie in the company of family and friends," she shared.

There was one place that was definitely on her list of favorites! "I love coffee and Hermosa Coffee Roasters downtown on Avenida del Convento has the best Cafe de Olla. I enjoy that every chance I get."

She also explained what she's learned while working for #GSWC:

"I have learned about the Window Cleaning industry, that good communication is essential, and the importance of reaching out to other business owners."
Gabe's Thoughts:

Zori's wonderful personality makes her a valuable representative of our company. We are so happy to have her and look forward to having her with us for many years to come!

Who's the Crew? Meet Joe!

He is a lead tech and has been working for Gabe's Spotless Window Cleaning for over three years.

"I really like my job." he said,

"...the best part is meeting nice and interesting people. I learn so much just talking to our valued customers."

He also told us what else he likes to do outside of work,

"I'm a home body and enjoy grilling and smoking ribs at home." He also mentioned,

"I enjoy woodworking, painting landscapes, playing the guitar, bike riding and reading the Bible."

After working for Gabe for over three years, he told us one thing he's learned,

"I've learned about the importance of safety and planning."
Gabe's Thoughts:

I would like to add that even though Joe has only been with us three years, I've known him for about 18. He has been cleaning windows just about as long as I have and I have the ultimate faith in his integrity and standards. He is our most experienced lead tech and whenever I send him out, I have complete confidence that the job will be handled in the same way as if I were there. Thanks for your help and friendship all these years, Joe.

Who's the Crew? Meet Andrew!

He is a lead tech and has been working for Gabe over 2 years. When asked his what part of his job do he enjoyed the most, he said,

"[I enjoy] The transformation a home AND homeowner go through from when we get there to when we leave. Not only do the windows look amazing but the customers have a huge smile on their face."

As far as outside of work,

"I love playing basketball..." he said, "any free time I have you can find me playing ball."

"I like the guys I work with..." he also told us, "but after seeing them all day all I want to do is hang out with my wifey."

He also shared some valuable advice he's learned while working with Gabe,

"Take care of your customers. Going the extra mile shouldn't be a once in a blue moon event, they should always feel that we value them."
Gabe's Thoughts:

Andrew is our most versatile Tech. He is one of those guys that works hard until the job is done and never skimps on quality. We depend on him for a lot as a Lead Tech. Thanks for always delivering, Andrew.

Who's the Crew? Meet Brittney!

She works for Gabe's Spotless Window Cleaning out of Sierra Vista. She has been the scheduler / office manager for a little over 4 months.

When asked her about her favorite part of the job, she said,

"[I enjoy] Interacting with customers throughout the day."

She also shared with us a little bit about her life outside of work,

"I love arts and crafts of all kinds..." she said, "I also love to dance."
She also shared,

"I'm not local, but any time I'm in Tucson, Sushi Garden is where you'll find me."

"I've learned a lot about Tucson! I'm not from there so it's fun to be able to navigate around Tucson better!"

Whose the Crew? Meet Elijah!

He is an entry level window cleaning technician in his 3rd month of working for Gabe's Spotless Window Cleaning. We asked him what his favorite part of the job was so far. He said:

"The part I most enjoy about my job is making sure the customers are satisfied."

Elijah also has quite a few hobbies outside of work, he told us,

"Some of my other hobbies consist of automotive enthusiast, horticulture enthusiast, reptile enthusiast, [and] wild life enthusiast."

As far as his favorite places to hang out after work, he said,

"I like relaxing at my house or hanging out at a local pool/hot tub."

When we asked what he's been able to learn here at GSWC, he said,

"I have learned most of my window cleaning methods from Gabe. What I am most proud of is learning the art of fanning. And as Gabe likes to say making myself a more valuable asset to the company."

Whose the Crew? Meet Ava!

"I've been working for Gabe's Spotless window cleaning since February 2019 as his social media manager and content creator."

"I enjoy being able to make content for social media. Seeing what works and what doesn't, and what people enjoy. I also love reading all the good reviews we get because it helps me feel good about promoting his business."

"I consider myself a very creative person. In my free time I like to draw, write stories, play the ukulele, and write music. I really like hiking at Sabino Canyon and camping at Patagonia Lake, as I feel nature really inspires me. And I love animals, especially dogs."

"During the winter time I like to go to Sabino Canyon and A Mountain just to be outside whenever I can. In the summer though I usually like to hang out at Park Place Mall and do a little window shopping in the A/C. And I have a few favorite restaurants around town, Beyond Bread and Little Anthony's Diner come to mind. I also love going to The Gaslight Theatre when I can."

"When I first started managing Gabe's Instagram account, he wanted me to transfer all the posts from his Facebook Account (after a certain date) to the Instagram. It took me at least and hour to figure out how I was supposed to get the photos from Facebook to Instagram (which now I know I was trying to do this in the most difficult way possible.) And then, after all that I decide to post all of the pictures in huge batches with no descriptions. Of course, that is not what Gabe meant."

"I feel like that experience, along with several others I've had working for GSWC, taught me that the lazy way of doing things dose not lead to success. I have to be diligent, pay attention to details. Use trial and error, and always be working to improve."

Who's the Crew? Meet Kevin!

Kevin is a window cleaning tech. While he's only been with GSWC for a few months, he has a total of about four and a half months experience.

When we asked Kevin about his favorite part of the job, he said,

"Apart from the customers gratification when they see their newly cleaned windows, [I enjoy] all the dogs I get to meet during jobs. Definitely the dogs."

We also asked him to tell us a little bit more about his personal interests and what he does outside of work.

"I love photography..." he said,

"...and shoot weddings and portraits as a side business."

"I love downtown Tucson!" He also told us,

"It’s full of great cafes, breweries, and amazing food."

And while he doesn't have any funny incidents or stories to report (yet), he made the comment,
"...working with Gabe and Andrew, I’m sure I’m bound to have one very soon."

Finally, we've asked Kevin what he's been able to learn while working with us. He said,

"I’ve learned how much different window cleaning is to Gabe, than every other business. He truly puts the customer first and makes sure he goes above and beyond their expectations."

Who's the Crew? Meet Jim!

We would like to introduce you to our new employee, Jim! He will be our new Sales Manager. He has been in window cleaning for decades and ran a successful company in California. Now that he has moved to Tucson, he wanted to stay doing what he loves, but have greater control over his schedule. Thankfully, our company fit the bill! We are happy to have his years of experience and motivated sales energy working for us. He has been terrific in the short time that he has been here and we look forward to our mutually beneficial relationship building into the future!

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